General Info

The lowdown?
Charleston Beer Week is 48 events, over eight days (Sept 8-15, 2018) taking place all over the Charleston tri-county area. As a participant, you can attend any event that tickles your fancy, which will be posted to this website as soon as we confirm them. Some events may be ticketed, and some pay-as-you-go, which will all be detailed on their event page.

What's the purpose? Is it only about local beer?
The purpose of CBW is to promote our craft beer scene as a whole, which will no doubt feature many of our incredible local breweries. With that said, we also encourage diversity and definitely look forward to other regional/national craft breweries participating in CBW! We also plan on a week with something for everyone, no matter if you're a seasoned professional or new to craft beer!

Sponsorships & Events

Is there a limit on the number of sponsors?
Yes. There's a maximum of two KEG sponsors, and a maximum of six PITCHER sponsors. There are no limits on PINT sponsors.

Is there a limit on the number of events for the week?
Yes. There's a maximum of six events per day, and venues will be limited to a maximum of two events for the entire week. That equals 48 events for the entire "week".

When is sponsorship or event registration payment due?
Immediately upon registration. Sponsorship and event slots are limited, and payment secures your spot.

How do I sign up as a sponsor or to host an official event?
We have dedicated pages for registering for sponsorship, and registering an event. We then review your request and contact you with payment options.

Do I have to be a sponsor to hold an event?
NO. Sponsors have the option of holding event(s), but ANY local venue can hold an event for the $60 registration fee.

What if I’m an out-of-town brewery, or a distributor, and I want to hold an event?
Great! If you find a friendly venue (bar, store, etc.) that you want to work with and plan an event, have at it! We only require that someone involved in the event submits the event info for us to vet, and someone submits payment.

What kind of events are allowed?
Use your imagination! That said, we will vet your event submissions to ensure they make sense for Charleston Beer Week before any payment changes hands, and we may deny events at our discretion. The only hard-and-fast rules: they must showcase craft beer and take place in the Charleston tri-county area.

What if the day I want to hold my event already has six events registered?
We will inform you and suggest an alternate day before any payment changes hands.

Will you accept payment-in-kind for sponsorship or event registration?
Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I'm running pint specials all month. Does this make me part of Charleston Beer Week?
You're free to do so, but only the 48 events on our calendar are considered "official" events of Charleston Beer Week.

Swag Packs

So the Swag Packs are purchased on top of the sponsor or event package?
Yes, although sponsors will get some for free as part of their sponsorship, see this page for more info. Any sponsor or event venue may opt to purchase additional Swag Packs though. People love da Swag!

Can we select the shirt sizes, male/female type, etc?
Yes, please provide us with this info and we'll do our best to get you exactly what you want. We can't make a 100% guarantee though since it depends on order quantities/specifics.

What if I want to sell the shirts and/or glasses I received as part of my sponsorship or “Swag Pack” purchase?
CBW t-shirts & glasses are promotional items intended to be given away to patrons, employees, or colleagues. We would not suggest that you sell them. If you sell them, we can’t legally taser you, but we’ll think about it.

Can we see a photo of what they'll look like?
Yes, when we nail down the specifics we'll post a comp of what both items will look like.

Planning Meetings / Volunteers

How do I get involved?
We encourage any local, craft beer friendly venue to get in touch with us so that we can add you to our Google Group. Through this group, we keep all of our planners up-to-date with announcements, upcoming meeting schedules/agenda/notes, and other related info. If you're interested, contact us here.

Can I volunteer?
Yes! We mostly need volunteers to help us distribute posters/postcards around the area, but may also need additional help along the way. Reach out to us and we'll put you on our volunteer list. Cheers!